WULF is a performance adaption of an Anglo-Saxon poem with movement, bilingual dialogue, original music and projection. The performance will be a radical feminist adaption of the crucial but overlooked Anglo-Saxon poem ‘Wulf and Eadwacer’, one of only two in the language written from a female perspective. Using an all-female cast and a creative team that is two-thirds female, the poem’s unpredictable rhythm and form will be directly translated into physical movement. Sound design and projection will integrate field recordings from Somerset marshlands resembling the fenlands of the poem.  

Fen will be running a two week Research and Development period in Bristol in November, and will perform at Ferment, Bristol Old Vic on January 31st. Keep updated with the project via our blog/twitter or by joining our mailing list.

Director Maisie Newman

Composer/ Writer Rowan Evans

Associate Artist/ Script Supervisor Celine Lowenthal 

Projection Artist Jack Offord 

Designer Hannah Wolfe

Producer Christabel Holmes

Wulf is on iege, ic on oþerre.
Fæst is þæt eglond, fenne biworpen.
Sindon wælreowe weras þær on ige;
willað hy hine aþecgan gif he on þreat cymeð. 
Ungelice is us. [...]


Wulf is on one island, I on another.
That island is secure, surrounded by fen.
There are bloodthirsty men on the island.
They will consume him if he comes into their troop. 
It is different with us. [...] 

[from ‘Wulf and Eadwacer’ in The Exeter Book, 
Exeter Cathedral Library MS 3501]