the seventh seal

by Ingmar Bergman

Adapted for the stage by Celine Lowenthal

22 - 25 / 02 / 2012, ADC Theatre.

As the tide comes in, Antonius Block is playing chess with Death.
The Knight and his Squire Jons have returned from the Crusades to find their homeland ravished by plague, poverty and persecution. As they continue homewards, they meet the naive and talented performers, Jof and Mia, a deaf girl, and a young witch, shaved and tied up, ready for burning.
As the little company venture into the forest for the final leg of their journey, they stop to sleep, forgetting Death himself lingers in the shadows...


Production Team

Adaptor/Director - Celine Lowenthal
Producer - Charlotte Barrington

Composer/Sound Designer - Joe Bates
Assistant Director - George Potts
Publicist - James Hansen
Video Technician - Tony Dent
Technical Director - Richard Braham
Stage Manager - Georgie Hughes
Set Designer - Jess Lane
Assistant Producer - Jess Lane
Costume Designer - Susie Hill, Kat Addis, Ella Hubbard
Make Up Designer - Charlotte Vine-Milns
Lighting Designer - Vicky Green
Video Artist - Beth Peters
Poster photographer - Ceci Mourkogiannis
Publicity Design - Edward Quekett


Antonius Block - Tom Russell
Death - Quentin Beroud
Jons - Harry Michell
Mia - Marika McKennell
Painter - Matt Reizenstein
Tyan - Sarah Livingstone
Girl - Helena Fallstrom
Plog's Wife - Martha Bennett
Plog - Fergus Blair
Raval - Edward Eustace
Woman - Isabelle Kettle
Jof - Justin Blanchard
Flagellants - Claire O'Brien, Immy Gardam, Heather Hind,Sonia Tong, Joe Dixon, Lauren Steele
Jeering Crowd - Helena Blair, Hanna Jarvi, Sophie Williams
Skat - Dominic Biddle