by Aristophanes

adapted by Celine Lowenthal and Mairin O'Hagan

24 - 25 / 06 / 2011, St John's College Scholars' Gardens.


Lysistrata has a problem. It’s big. It’s huge. And it’s really really hard.

The men are waging war against each other and their wives want it to stop. Salvation is in the hands of the women.

Or rather, between their legs. In times where peace is hard to negotiate, the wives of our leaders decide to take action and exploit their most powerful bargaining tool.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, what could abstinence do...?


"A full-on romp - I suggest jumping into the sack with this delightful and refreshing piece." - Ami Jones, The Cambridge Tab.

Marlowe Society May Week Show 2011

Best May Week Show - Theatre Guide Dog Awards 2011



Lysistrata - Lucie Shorthouse
Calonice - Laura Batey
Mhyrrine - Ailis Creavin
Magistrate - James Parris
Spartan - Toby Parker-Rees
Female Chorus - Becky Jones, Juliet Cameron-Wilson,Katie Alcock, Lorna Reader, Katherine Macdonald
Male Chorus - James Swanton, Jack Oxley, James Morris, Daniel Unruh, Phil Howe
Cinesias - Luka Krsljanin

Director - Celine Lowenthal and Mairin O'Hagan
Producer - Claire M
Stage Manager - Charlotte Barrington
Assistant Stage Manager - Britta Tarvis