in the penal colony

an Opera by Philip Glass

Libretto by Philip Wurlitzer, based on the short story by Franz Kafka

A Shadwell Opera Production

Assistant Director, 16 & 30 June 2014, Arts Theatre West End

Shadwell Opera took over the Arts Theatre in the West End for two nights only, interrupting the run of Ghost Stories with an installation-style operatic retelling of Franz Kafka’s famously visceral short story. In the Penal Colony harnessed the mounting tension of Phillip Glass’ music, and drew on Kafka’s influences, to mount a multi-media exploration of literary and colonial attitudes towards the ethics and aesthetics of violence.

Musical Director, Matthew Fletcher
Director, Jack Furness
Producer, Héloïse Werner
Designer, Kitty Callister
Lighting Designer, Christopher Nairne
Assistant Director, Celine Lowenthal
Assistant Musical Director, Finn Downie-Dear
Lighting Designer, Christopher Nairne
Projections, Tom Harding – AV3
Production Manager, Ben Hosford
Associate Lighting Designer, Damian Robertson
Répétiteur and Martial Arts Advisor, Nathan Mercieca
Production Photographer / Videographer, Thurstan Redding
Publicity Designer, Rebecca Pitt