a fortnightly new writing showcase

co-director, 2011 - 2013

Hatch was founded by Ellie Kendrick and Adam Lawrence in 2010, as a showcase for writers in Cambridge. It has been passed on to a new pair of directors bi-annually since then, and continues to be a celebrated evening of monologues, scenes, poems, short plays, stories and spoken word, performed by a company of actors, that takes place fortnightly at a variety of theatres, gardens, pubs and bars throughout Cambridge.

"Under the assured curation of Celine Lowenthal and Rowan Evans, this was a selection not of grandstanding dramatic or poetic fireworks, but rather of a set of quietly fascinating images, ideas and impressions thrown up for the audience to catch only briefly before the performers retreated back into their chairs." - Fred Maynard, Varsity

"The new organisers deserve serious kudos for selecting such a range of high quality work, and in particular for the accompanying booklet: the ephemeral,  suddenly preserved in a charmingly idiosyncratic format, complete with pictures of komodo dragons and sailing boats." - Charlotte Keith, Varsity