by Kathryn Griffiths

October 14 - 19th 2014, Camden People's Theatre

Felicity has run away.

She may have accidentally murdered her step-dad, left her lovely mum in the lurch, and forgotten her shoes, but now she’s in the Big Smoke and she’s determined to make a clean start.

Unfortunately for Felicity, the first people she meets are not London’s most savoury offerings…

First there’s Maggie May-Lynn, the disheveled Madam of London’s Worst Brothel, who sends her on a mission to find some new clientele. Next she meets Melbany, the happy-go-lucky Aussie barmaid with approximately two brain cells and a slight alcohol problem. And finally there’s Finn Crawford: a gorgeous, gay, sex-a-holic artist, who’s just been cut off by her patron for sleeping with all her models, including her patron’s wife.

Between a crotchety artist, an idiot chef, an eighty-year-old arsonist and a horny teenage girl, Kat Griffith’s one-woman show is an unwholesome farce about art, sex, and the lovelorn lay-abouts of London-town.

'Intensely heartfelt... you may end up leaving with a puzzling, dull ache in your chest' - Exeunt

'Energetic, hilarious and absurd one-woman show full of richly drawn characters' - Everything Theatre

Director – Celine Lowenthal

Designer – Anna Reid

Lighting Design – Christopher Nairne

Producer – Héloïse Werner

Assistant Producers – Catriona Renton and Siana Bangura

Production Manager – Stuart Moore

Stage Manager – Rachel Cunliffe

Publicity Designer – Emma Werner

Production Photographer – Thurstan Redding

Programme Designer – Stephen Henderson